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Zhongjian purification technology combined air conditioner series is one of our core products, it according to the packaged air conditioner for years domestic manufacturer, using the experiences and lessons, and listen to peer professional opinion, takenfrom each manufacturer on the basis of the advantages of the development.

Scope of application:Research and pharmaceutical workshop air conditioning purification work,Hotel, theatre, office building and other civil engineering.

Unique features:

1.  It adopts advanced polyurethane foam insulation material to make the wall plate and rigid. Good insulation performance, low heat transfer coefficient: (K < 0.6km/m2)

2.  The advanced dual-wind centrifugal fan has an efficiency of up to 80%, the noise is less than 65 db, and the basic vibration is less than 2 micron. Using aluminum rolled tube sheet cooler, the combination is more flexible,More reliable performance, more convenient installation and maintenance.

3. The whole machine is rigid and rigid, and the structure is novel and reliable, equipped with filter, cooling, heating, humidifying, drying, silencing and pressure. It has the advantages of fire prevention, water leakage and air tightness.

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