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The cargo shower room is a must channel for people/goods entering and leaving the clean area. It can effectively reduce the pollution caused by the clean zone of people/goods in and out of the goods. The high speed clean air ejection from the cargo chamber can quickly remove dust particles and bacteria from the unclean zone.

Features:Fully automatic control, electric interlock, and can be equipped with infrared sensor/whole adopt cold rolled steel plate manufacturing, external surface spray treatment.

Main configuration:Distribution box, aluminum alloy door, high efficiency filter, fan, operating panel, nozzle, fluorescent lamp, primary filter

Product parameters:

Filtration efficiency: greater than 99.99%

Speed-out network speed: > 20 m/s

Wind time: 0-99 S (adjustable)

Box Hugh: polyurethane color composite wallboard

Maximum power: 1600WPower supply:AC, 3N, 380V plus or minus 10%, 50HZ + 2HZ

Nozzle diameter and quantity: Φ 30, 24 (or 18)Quality: 700KG (or 750KG)

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