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Hospital Surgery Department Purification System Engineering 


The clean surgery department is the core of clean operating room, and includes all kinds of auxiliary rooms, the functional area of the system. Clean air clean technology application in the department of surgery, through the establishment of a scientific, physical process and strict partition management, ultimately achieve control particle pollution, to create a clean working environment and ensure the safety of the surgery patients.

The purification project of zhongjian has the following characteristics:

1. Develop a beautiful and comfortable octagonal solid steel structure, conform to the characteristics of the clean air flow, meet the requirements of purification technology, and meet the clean standards set by the ministry of health.

2. Strong, seamless, smooth, smooth, prevent bacteria, non-glare, no rust, thermal insulation, moisture, good air tightness of wall, set the air tightness electronic sensing automatic doors, and USES the modular installation to save time, save material, the effect of low cost.

3. The integrated ceiling air supply lighting, ensures the gas tightness of clean operating room, lighting light soft shadowless and intangible, shimmering, flicker frequency, dazzling, brightness can be adjusted freely, equipped with exhaust gas discharge system, harmful material such as timely anesthetic exhaust fumes, to ensure the health of patients and medical staff.

4. Use wear-resisting, anti-static, quiet, anti-slip, free of medical chemical damage, easy to clean imported rubber flooring.

5. Equipped with embedded stainless steel medicine instrument cabinet, view film lamp, writing desk and other medical instruments, the inner wall of the operating room is flat, ensuring the flow of air flow in the direction of design, and the staff will not be hindered. Not only can the lifting tower move up and down, it rotates at 330 degrees, and it has a variety of medical gas terminals and electrical outlets.

6. Clean operating room fully intellectualized, purify indoor temperature, humidity display, not only operation time (Beijing time, anesthesia time, surgical timing, pager intercom, videophone, and closed-circuit television (CCTV), automatically cut of back-up power, etc., and will be professional manufacturer produces environmental health essence type air conditioning unit, high efficiency filter, energy-saving equipment such as fan and DDC automatic control system, science combined into air supply system, automatic control of air volume, air pressure, temperature, humidity, and the low level of different pressure difference to prevent purification of air into the high level of purification room, to ensure that different levels purification operating room cleanliness of reliable and stable.

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